I never introduced my truck!


I have been remiss. One of my first adventures in my business endeavor was to rebuild this 1982 Dodge Power Ram. Purchased because it has a slant six engine - for which I have a great affection. I have a good laugh every time I remember the guy who sold it telling me how he’d trust it in a cross country drive. I soon realized he had managed to kill an indestructible engine.  Then enter the scene a 1981 municipal truck rusted beyond belief but with a lovely slant six having only 73,000 miles on it. Score!  The story of merging the two is long and involves much help from old friends and new. Working on it by the Waynesboro race track meant the most amazing people stopped, curious to what in the hell I was doing, and ended up helping.  Held together with bread bag ties, a golf tee, and vacuum lines stopped with pencils, the truck ran.  I’ve never learned so much from generous strangers. Amazing. 

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